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about MeL

Based in London, I enjoy connecting people with their own, unique rhythm which supports a way of moving through life that feels more authentic. 


Since 2018, my work has focused on somatic therapies that facilitate healing trauma.  This is my true calling and passion. 


I believe that the recipe for deep, integrative healing is relational and that we need to feel supported in a way that we haven't yet experienced. We need to feel safe in order to process difficult emotions and experiences from the past. 


You must find a person who has already embarked on their own healing journey and has the ability to regulate their own nervous system to adequately hold space for you and the 'stuff' that is causing you distress and discomfort. 

Not everyone, even with the very best intentions will be able to hold the space you need. Your soul will sense those that have done the work and when you're ready you'll ask for their help.  



I can help you live a life in alignment with your heart's desires. I am not offering a magic pill. I am offering you support, guidance and safety to work through your 'stuff' so that you can finally step into your FULL power.



I was a professional dancer for many years, also teaching and choregraphing shows for other artists. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer, using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. I have an interest in Psychology and have studied Counselling skills with The Minster Centre. I am also a devoted student of The Alexander Technique, training with Anthony Kingsley.


I studied Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) with the gifted Satyarthi Peloquin who in the past provided regular bodywork sessions to Osho. Osho is renowned for teaching students that the mind, body, and spirit are one interconnected organic Unity. I have also spent over 20 years working in a corporate environment in the Financial Services Industry so I have real life experience applying my techniques and methods in the 'real' world as some may describe it. 

I have done the work and I am here to help you do yours.


So much gratitude for our beautiful session today. It was such a delight to share that space with you. The meditation was beautiful and I really appreciate you being so generous with your time and wisdom afterwards. A lot resonated today and I believe more will settle into place as the days progress. I already look forward to seeing you again and feel lucky that life has chosen for our paths to cross. Much Love.

Hannah, 05 Nov 2022

Just a note to say how fantastic Mel's stretch class is on Tuesday evening. Great addition to the class schedule - thank you! She does a lovely routine with individual attention to everyone. The class includes live music, smells and lovely lighting. I hope this remains a mainstay of the class programme.

Kate, 06 Oct 2022

The room was lovely and inviting with fairy lights and a relaxing atmosphere, and Mel was very attentive and approachable. I loved the class and have booked for next week. I don't think I'm alone in praising her... a winner I'd say.. thanks.

Liz, 14 Sep 2022

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Thank you to the talented _sophiawearymua for taking photographs at our wonderful charity
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