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Buy yourself or someone else a book to discover a new perspective. There are two to choose from .... 
Unravelling Self Sabotage

Start noticing what is tripping you over
The Little Book About Love

Take a fresh look at the word Love

Mel Love Rituals - the products that make a space feel tranquil 

I always have people asking me about the products that I use to make my home an oasis. From aromatherapy to incense I have tried and tested so many products over the years and have my favourites that I want to share with you! 

The cost for a standard bundle is £11 and includes Palo Santo, Sage and a surprise item (minimum of 3 items per bundle - sometimes there will be more but never less than 3 items).

There is also a Sage smudge stick that you can purchase which is pure Sage. 

Each bundle is unique and will include a special message just for you!

I also make deluxe bundles which include a Crystal at an additional cost. I can also make bundles to include Cacao and Essential Oils. 

Happy customer testimonials:

"Brought beauty to my home"

"Touches my heart"

"Please can I have 5 more!"

"Too beautiful to burn!"

Aroma Incense
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