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about MeL

Hi, I am based in London and have been teaching human movement for over 25 years. Since 2018 my work has focused on practices that facilitate healing trauma.  


I believe that the recipe for deep, integrative healing is relational and requires an energy exchange between people. Quite simply, we need each other. That is not to imply however that it is simple. We may search far and wide before we find the optimal conditions to facilitate our own healing, it takes time.

The good news is that we can live the life we've always wanted. I know this because this has been my journey. I share with the world what has helped me. What I offer works! I can help you live a life in alignment with what you truly want but you will need to work for it. I am not offering a magic pill. I am offering you support, guidance and safety to work through your 'stuff' so that you can finally step into your FULL power. 

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer. I also have an interest in Psychology and have studied Counselling skills with The Minster Centre. I am also a devoted student of The Alexander Technique.


In my sessions I use the power of presence whether that be with movement, conversation, stillness or touch to connect you deeply with the solutions you are seeking.

I will intuitively guide you back to a place of safety within your body that will last long after the session has finished. Start taking steps to shape your life in the way that makes you truly happy. Are you ready to get the help, to learn new ways to stop struggling through life? You don't have to just get by, you can thrive!

Pool Reflection Stretching

So much gratitude for our beautiful session today. It was such a delight to share that space with you. The meditation was beautiful and I really appreciate you being so generous with your time and wisdom afterwards. A lot resonated today and I believe more will settle into place as the days progress. I already look forward to seeing you again and feel lucky that life has chosen for our paths to cross. Much Love.

Hannah, 05 Nov 2022

Just a note to say how fantastic Mel's stretch class is on Tuesday evening. Great addition to the class schedule - thank you! She does a lovely routine with individual attention to everyone. The class includes live music, smells and lovely lighting. I hope this remains a mainstay of the class programme.

Kate, 06 Oct 2022

The room was lovely and inviting with fairy lights and a relaxing atmosphere, and Mel was very attentive and approachable. I loved the class and have booked for next week. I don't think I'm alone in praising her... a winner I'd say.. thanks.

Liz, 14 Sep 2022