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After a series of sessions expect to be able to work through things that

once seemed overwhelming with more ease.




If you are ready to transform your life you have come to the right place. 


Featured in OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine

(Aug 2022) 


Intuitive, empathic, amazing Mel! An exemplary practitioner of her craft. The most relaxing afternoon I have had for a long time.

Rowena, 18 Nov 2022

I had been feeling crappy and lethargic all day, but I returned home after your session calm and re energised! It really did work wonders!!

Terry, 13 Jun 2022

Mel's techniques have worked to release bottled anxiety and neglected emotions from decades ago. I recommend Mel's work to anyone seeking to feel more at ease.

Victor, 06 Apr 2022

The guidance was gentle, and I was encouraged to connect with my body. I floated out.

Erin, 21 Jan 2022

Mel is a great teacher I always feel renewed after my sessions.

Abby, 06 Dec 2021


Mel will teach you how to connect with your body, others and the world around you in a way you never thought possible. Discover what it is like to feel safe to allow yourself to be moved by life. Feel supported by a universal flow. Experience your full potential. 

Contact Mel if you are ready to change your life

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