Mel Love

Illuminated Rock

It is Mel's gift to be able to offer you sacred space to connect with presence through the exploration of your own body.

Her openness to explore the human condition through practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Dance, MindZero (Anthony Kingsley's Somatic Therapy), The Alexander Technique and Breathwork to name a few have led her on an exciting and extremely satisfying path. It is her practice to share her experience with you so that you too can experience how great it is to embrace your complete self. She is an intuitive Bodyworker and can help you to feel more at ease within your body. 

Her work focuses on supporting you to be your authentic self. There is only one of you, embrace it! Mel will encourage you to feel without judgement the FULL range of human emotions (e-motion, energy in motion) whilst expanding your awareness of self. Over time we forget who we really are and she will help you remember.

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Mel is the Author of two books available to purchase on Amazon.

Unravelling Self Sabotage         The Little Book About Love


Supporting you to be you

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