Mel supports people to connect with presence through the exploration of self. You will learn how to feel more at ease, as you. Mel says how you feel within your own skin is the gravity for which everything else orbits. 


As a qualified Yoga Teacher, with training in counselling skills, she provides private and group classes with a therapeutic focus. She is passionate about helping you cultivate the awareness and skills to better take care of yourself. How your nervous system functions affects the quality of your relationships and therefore your life. 

Mel's openness to explore the human condition through practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Dance, MindZero (Anthony Kingsley's Somatic Therapy), The Alexander Technique and Breathwork have led her on an exciting and extremely satisfying path and it is her passion to share what she finds healing with you. 

Her work focuses on supporting you to be your authentic self. There is only one of you, embrace it! Over time we forget the magic that lives within us all and she will help you re-connect and learn to start liking, if not loving yourself again. 


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Mel is the Author of two books available to purchase on Amazon

Unravelling Self Sabotage

The Little Book About Love


Supporting you to be you

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