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Updated: Jan 27

There will always be things to fill up your life. Life is a flow with things constantly flowing towards and away from you. Suffering happens when you try and restrict that flow by holding on tightly and not letting go of the things that have passed their use-by date or by blocking and denying the things that are trying to make their way to you.

We sometimes worry that if we let go of things that we may be left with nothing. The truth is that more things will ALWAYS flow towards you whilst you are alive. Clear out the things that do not fit you anymore. Recycle the things that once served a purpose but no longer do as they will be better placed somewhere else.

Everything has a time and place in your life. You know this and you feel this but sometimes you are stubborn and resist loosening your grip. You do not feel ready to let go. You don't want to let go because you fear the unknown. You don't want to let go because you've done so much hard work to obtain the things you have so you feel like you should fight to keep them. The thing is that no-one can take away the experience of what those things gave you. That is what you keep. You keep the experience, not the thing. That is how you transition through life with more ease.

Some things are forever things and some things are not. When you let go gracefully of the things that you no longer want or need you create space around you. With that space you can create a new landscape that better reflects who you are in this moment instead of a version of you from the past.

Your new landscape will look and feel less cluttered with the old if you allow it. You will be able to move more freely as your current self. When things flow to you that are more aligned with what you want then you'll have the capacity to be able to receive the gift with open arms.

You have a canvas to paint the most beautiful scene but there are only so many pictures you can create on that canvas at any one time so the starting point is making a decision on how you want your life (your masterpiece) to look and feel. Once you make a decision on what you want to paint stay committed to your vision and let go of the things that just do not fit the view. You are entitled to paint your own work of art and it doesn't need to make sense to anyone else. Now is the time.

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