What is real?

She's fake! He's fake! They are fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!


Many people do not feel real to themselves. They feel disconnected and do not know and trust who they are and find it easier to focus on all the "fakeness" around them.

A human is capable of playing many, many different roles and versions of humanity. There is nothing fake about living in the human body and expressing self in a way that a person chooses.

Have you ever noticed that when you say someone has good taste that it is because you agree with and like the decisions of choice that person has made. Similarly, you don't call a person fake when they are behaving in a way that you like.

We reinforce the behaviour of others by giving compliments when that behaviour is complimentary with the way that we live our lives. When the behaviour does not bring us out of our comfort zones we agree with it. Have you observed that?

You will often hear me say that there is nothing wrong with the choices that you make and how you behave but say it with me, just be aware. Awareness is key to understanding yourself. With that understanding of self you'll find it simple to understand others but it starts with and from you.

Notice the judgement of others and ask yourself how am I behaving in this manner myself? This is a game changer so let me repeat it. When you call out behaviour in others also take the time to observe how you too are showing traits of the behaviour you're calling out in others.

You are not a statue. You are not a fixed thing glued in place. You did not sign a contract to be a specific type of human and therefore when you behave in different ways and in contrast to ways that you would typically behave or how others would expect you to behave that is called living. That is called being a human being.

There is nothing fake about being here on earth as a human and living. Living through movement, stillness, speech, touch, feeling, indecision, anger, happiness, story telling, lies, betrayal, love. That sh*t is very real y'all

Peace x


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