To be seen to thrive, at what cost?

Updated: Jan 27

The things we do to be seen to 'function well' in society are the things that actually cause dysfunction. The forcing ourselves to present our appearance in a certain way to look how we think someone who is thriving looks is unnatural. It is not authentic to manipulate ourselves to fit in with an ego driven agenda.

It causes disease within our bodies when we force the energy moving through us to bend to our will. There is a natural flow moving through us. It has its own clock. It knows how long we have to live and schedules things according to the greater planned timescale. One that is not controlled by you. Fighting against it causes suffering.

The natural flow within each of us, that runs through us for a certain period of time has its own agenda and it is wise to respect that timing and allow everything present within you its time even if that interferes with your egos schedule.

How many times do you find yourself feeling a certain way and you look to force yourself to be a different way? For example you feel like you are moving too slowly so you seek out caffeine to force your body and mind to adjust to how you want things. Likewise you think you feel too energetic so you seek out things to calm you down rather than just being with the energy and waiting for it to naturally pass as everything does. Nothing is permanent.

Who was it that told you that there was such a thing as too much of anything? Quite often the motivator to want to supress things is because we think the sensation is too much. When really too much is a concept that was designed to bring fear and initiate control over others.

There is a whole industry relying on you not wanting to be how you are in any given moment. There are people making huge profits from you trying to manipulate your body into a state of being that feels more acceptable to you.

Imagine if you just let yourself be and practiced being the witness to all the different versions of you before reaching for a quick 'fix' to rush you to a more comfortable state of being?

It's like getting into a cycle of blow drying your hair to the point that you now think your hair looks unhealthy if you let it dry naturally. You give off the impression that your hair is healthy yet the act of blow drying your hair is making it unhealthier than if you just let it dry naturally. But you keep blow drying it which keeps drying it out and making it look worse when you let it dry naturally but you can't stop. You like giving the impression that your hair is healthy because of how it looks when it's 'done' but it's damaged underneath and you keep actively adding to the damage because it is more important to you to keep up appearances.

We do this with many things. We want to be seen to be confident so we drink alcohol or take drugs. We want to be seen to be strong so we lift weights. The list goes on and on and on.

Perhaps now is the time to just stop and sit still and be with whatever you can feel and allow it the space to breathe. Do you really need to keep reaching for that snack or anything else you regularly reach for simply because you start to feel a feeling that makes you feel uncomfortable and you want to avoid those feelings?

Now is a wonderful time to stop filling the pockets of others because you keep making purchases to manipulate how you feel! Now is the best time to embrace every different version of you unapologetically.

When will you stop reaching for something outside of yourself to change how you feel because you were told at one point that you shouldn't feel that way?

Let us try together as a community to feel that it is enough to simply be in our bodies, feeling grateful for the experience moving through us all whatever that experience is without wanting to control it because we are afraid. It is okay to feel afraid. It is okay to feel everything. Human beings were made to feel. It is human nature to feel. Fighting nature causes suffering.

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