The resistance to feeling

Updated: Jan 27

Something happened when we were small children that made us think that certain feelings should be locked away, squashed, repressed, avoided at all costs! It sounds silly but from childhood we started training ourselves to numb certain feelings that we didn't like and as a result we didn't fully embrace our bodies. We never learnt to fully embrace the power & intelligence within us. The good news is it is never too late.

We basically started to develop coping mechanisms to distance ourselves from our own body so that we could avoid feeling certain sensations that we connected with at some stage as being 'bad'.

It is like our mind made the decision to avoid feeling certain feelings and the rest of the body had to get in line and follow the master* and do what it was told. Our mind acting like an overbearing parent thinking it was protecting us but really it was just inexperienced and didn't know another way (yet).

The body tries often to get your attention and deep down you know that the way you abandon certain feelings is not right. You chose or still choose to overindulge, drink alcohol, take drugs, obsess about others, etc... the list is endless. All these things done with the goal of numbing your uncomfortable feelings!

Will today be the day you choose to sit still and not abandon yourself? Will today be the day that despite how you feel you see the blessing in being in human form and being able to feel? Will today be the day that you see the energy moving through you as a gift for the body to experience?

The body is incredibly powerful. It is the container through which you experience life. The whole point of life is the experience. Why would you want to suppress that? You are strong enough. It's not too much for you. You are not too much for others. You do not need to fight against nature to protect yourself. You are part of nature. You are part of everything.

You can learn with practice to enjoy whatever sensations you can feel moving through without prejudice. The gift is being present with what is here now and allowing yourself to open up fully to the experience. Yes it requires a different version of you but you are ready. Let go and breathe. The next moment will soon be here.

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