The Path

Updated: Jan 27

At one point or another we were led to believe that when things go wrong or don't feel right that we have been led off our path. Another way we describe it is to say that we are on the wrong path.

Think of it as following your GPS when trying to reach your destination and you take a turn that the GPS has said not to take. You then say that you have gone the wrong way, right?

Well I say that all the supposed wrong turns you take are in fact the right way for you. That is your path. Your understanding of your self evolves when you observe how you react when things do not go the way you want them to go. That is the journey. That is the path.

To suggest that when things feel good they are right and in contrast when they don't then it's wrong is such an oversimplified way to see life. It doesn't often feel good when we initially step out of our comfort zone. In fact for most of us it feels extremely difficult and unnatural but the long term lasting affects provide us with a much bigger play area in which to live.

We start to feel like that box within our mind expands much larger when we challenge ourselves to side step our habitual routines. When we expand our comfort zone the zone in which we feel comfortable increases.

The satisfaction and richness of life depends greatly on our ability to be open to change. If you spend your life wanting to picnic in the park on a lovely day, every day then your life experience will be very different to someone who also wants to picnic in the part on a lovely day but who also wants to climb the treacherous mountain and slay the dragon.

When we stop seeing one path as the right way because it brings nothing but bliss and the wrong one as the way to pain but rather just a path to experience the affects of walking we then stop fixating that there is actually a path at all and we can surrender to the flow of it all.

When we are open and receptive to the human experience it also brings connection with all other living things as we start to realise that nothing is permanent and that we are all in this experience together right here, right now.

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