The pace at which we move

Updated: Jan 27

Sometimes our sense of self worth is linked to the pace at which we move through life and complete things.

We feel more successful if we are able to complete many things off our to-do list and in contrast if we move slowly and don't complete our tasks we feel inadequate.

What if we were to challenge that belief system and realise that life is maintenance. We eat and then the body does its own thing. It keeps what it needs and disposes of the waste. The eating is the action we take and the digestion stage is the rest & restore phase. The eating isn't the more successful part of the process it is just simply a part of the greater whole.

What if we can see life like that! That everything contributes to the greater experience. That each segment is part of the whole with each part playing an important role. Not one thing having more importance than another. Not one thing being good or bad but simply just a component of the experience.

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