The Human Body

Updated: Jan 27

The human body was not designed to bring shame.

The human body was not something that was ever meant to be made taboo, then sexualised and sold. Yet, here we are!

Let us not be blind to who makes up the rules and whose interests they serve.

My body doesn't offend me and neither does yours.

The human body is an incredible gift. A gift you get to keep for a lifetime. It is art. It is creation. It is many things.

If you feel strong reactivity when you see other people showing their body freely perhaps it's because you feel trapped in yours? Trapped in old beliefs that no longer serve you?

Just because you were taught something does not make it true. This is an obvious statement yet we live our lives conditioned to believe what others have made up. It is never too late to let go of a way of thinking that makes you feel restricted.

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