The fight is within

Updated: Jan 27

The fight is, always has been and always will be within. The fight has always been with yourself. The fight has always been the battle between the mind, the body, the heart, the soul and the gut. As a human you have a community of things living within you, guiding you. If you apply force and rule by the head alone other parts of you will suffer and trust me when I say they won't just shut up and put up with it. At a deeper level you know this already.

It is true that for a time we have tried to live in our minds and cut off the connection with our bodies because it has felt too difficult to feel. For many of us we are not even aware that we numb ourselves. We fool ourselves into thinking that when we feel at peace that we are relaxed when in reality we have just used a copying mechanism to numb ourselves and that peace we feel is artificial. That peace we feel is an intellectual peace and not a mind/ body connected peace. That peace cannot be trusted because well you have cut off the connection to your body and you cannot even trust what you now feel because you have refused to practice feeling. Instead of being able to trust what you are feeling within your body you rely on trusting the thoughts. The thoughts let me tell you are not the greatest intelligence within your body. Once you cut off the connection with your body it is not as simple as turning it on like a light switch when you want to try to use your intuition. If you have shut it down it won't just switch on at the click of your fingers.

And what is wrong with having an artificial peace manufactured in the mind you say? Well, it's not natural and the body will retaliate by becoming unwell. Your body will keep trying to speak to you even though you have effectively put it in a corner and told it not to speak. You see your body has a great intelligence and it's job is to keep you alive. It will keep giving you warnings that you aren't living in alignment with who you are and the longer you resist the harder it is to come back to yourself. The harder it will be to live in harmony with the community within you and around you.

So what steps can we take if we want to start feeling again? Observation is key. Just start observing the ways you respond to sensation, to feeling. What do you start to do when you start to have feelings you do not like? Just start to notice. Do you allow the sensations to be there or do you rush for something to alter them? That will be the start of your journey just to simply notice what it is you are doing. Then after the observations you can start your journey on taking steps to sit with the sensation by simply doing nothing when the feelings arise.

Why would we want to do this you ask? Because that is what we are designed to do and that is what helps us stay connected to the universe. That is what makes life feel easier but like any change of habit there is work to do before we get to the new way of being and it is likely you are going to need some help. If you want help meditate and ask for help and it will come. Trust your path.

Lot's of love x


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