The Arrogant Teacher Trap

It is my view that we all teach each other. It is not my view that the better the student, the better the teacher. For starters the word better is totally subjective. I also do not believe that the amount of hours of training you do makes you more qualified to impart words of wisdom or teach someone better than anyone else. Yes, open your mouth in shock horror & disbelief at my audacity ;)

The idea that a teacher can be better or worse than another or that a teacher is better than a student shows us what society likes to reinforce to keep us all feeling inadequate and segregated. Describing something as better or worse is down to personal preference, it is subjective in nature. What is better in one persons eyes will not be better for all. There is no universally agreed better or worse way but there is propaganda to tell you otherwise.

It is arrogance, self confidence, self belief and all that other stuff that makes you think you are better. And well, that's okay. We all enjoy a sense of grandeur at times, right? There is a massive marketplace around it. How else would people make money hooking you in to sign up for course after course, qualification after qualification, certificate after certificate, membership after membership, hour after hour, day after day?

I am not trying to suggest that it is a bad thing to be a teacher or to study. I do believe however that we all learn as we age. I believe that even if we sat on a rock in the same place and simply just observed the world around us as things came and went and we were exposed to different things as part of living that we would learn. That we do not have to enter a formal classroom setting to get an education nor that one way is better than another.

It is my experience that life will naturally assist us to evolve as we adapt to living, day after day and each day a day older and slightly different to the day before. Each new day brings about an evolution of our former younger self into the current day.

We learn from our environment, nature, animals, from sitting still and from activities. We learn from it all. We learn from differences and from being the same. When we get into a room and there are labels given to someone being a teacher and someone being a student, make no mistake that everyone in the room is learning and that no one is more superior than the other. Each person has knowledge to impart to the other.

Do the courses, get the qualifications if that is what you want but if we continue to link that stuff to our own sense of self worth, when will it ever be


Share with me your souls desires, the magic up your sleeve, your hopes, your dreams, your heart, all the stuff not written on your CV.

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