Suffering ... is the goal not to?

Some suggest that suffering is unnecessary. A way of being that means we have failed or failing in some way. That we haven't reached that stage of 'enlightenment' or 'non-attachment' or any other similar word you'd like to use that describes a state of being, that we should supposedly aspire to.

My path has taken me to a way of thinking that supports the idea that suffering does not mean that something is wrong. I feel that suffering is part of the whole and is just one of many components to existence. That like everything it simply exists. That to imply the goal is to live without it and offer 'solutions' is simply just a way of waving a carrot and suggesting that the carrot is the answer. When really the carrot is also just a carrot and a part of the greater whole, rather than being the answer to everything.

I may have lost you again but don't tell me that you're not having fun ;-)

The thing is, there is space for everything and everything is a sort of truth. How do I articulate this? Let me try by saying that everything at some level is right and everything at some level is wrong. Let me further expand to say that everything is both good and bad. If this frustrates you because you want things to be just one thing, I encourage you to explore that frustration.

I can understand at some level this may seem vague and indecisive but in this moment I simply cannot have tunnel vision to see things as just one thing. I do not see that there is just one goal or believe that one reaches a certain way of being and that one should stay as that version of themselves for their entire life. I do not believe that if one can't stay in that particular way of being, that has been sold as the right way of being, that one is failing.

There are some people who will sell themselves as the magic cure. There are some companies who will sell their products as being the magic cure. Have you noticed that you need to keep returning to those things (people/ products) to keep getting your fix because you've been made to feel that the way you feel without those things is wrong? Have you noticed that it is difficult for people to make money from you if they simply just validate the way you are as being right, without all the stuff?

What if the education from when you were born up until this moment was that you are perfect just as you are, with all the mood swings, with the pain, with the failures, with the drama, with the differences, with the disconnection, with the sadness, with the sickness, with it all. What if nothing was ever communicated to you as being a problem. What then? Would you still go out looking for solutions?

I notice the ways in which humanity moves in and out of stuff. There is movement in being alive, in transitioning through all the different ways of being. What comes, comes, what goes, goes and that is real. I see that everything is whole, just as it is. I see that there are so many sides to every one thing and that every one thing is everything. That allows everything to be right, to be wrong, to be good, to be bad, to be everything.

Trying to sell something as just one thing results, in my experience, in us missing the full nourishment that we can get from that thing.

With Love x


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