So, you think you are better than ...

Updated: Jan 27

So, you think you are better than a tree, an animal, another person? The word better is described as meaning more desirable, satisfactory, or effective. The word better is a judgemental word and is not the truth of all. It is not the universal truth.

To describe something as better than something else is a story that is told by the story teller. Stories help us express creativity but treat stories as your truth and that's when you'll find yourself living in a very small box and trying to persuade others to live in that box with you.

Have you ever stopped to take the time to observe those things you were lead to believe are less worthy than you? I mean really deeply, fully, totally observe, without distraction.

Do you remember when you first started believing that there was a scale of importance for living things? That some living things held more value and that others well simply didn't?

I encourage you to explore further the whole concept of thinking that the life of one thing holds more importance and worth, that one life is better than another.

A tree standing tall, majestically growing, roots spreading deep into the earth and branches reaching outwards and upwards. A tree taking up space and making no excuses. A tree providing oxygen for others to live. A tree not using language to manipulate or persuade others to become a tree like it. A tree providing shelter from the sun. A tree providing a home for wildlife. A tree not trying to become another tree. A tree being who it was born to be. A tree, a living thing. A tree at home where it was planted. Yet some humans would cut down a tree with no remorse because well, it is a tree.

An animal, a living thing. An animal not trying to be anything other than who it is. An animal with a family. An animal that can feel the full range of emotions humans can feel. An animal that has instincts. An animal that doesn't try to manipulate or persuade others to be like it. An animal that doesn't think that you are beneath it. An animal who sees you without the designer clothes, money in your pocket, educational history or work qualifications. An animal that has every right to be here on earth and live without fear. An animal not lead by the opinions of others but by nature. Yet you eat that animal, often making jokes about eating that animal to others who wouldn't eat that animal because well, it is an animal.

To those of you who think you are better than other living things I say do better.

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