No, thank you!

You do not have to accept everything you are offered. I appreciate this sounds such an obvious thing to say but for many, many years I believed that things that crossed my path were meant for me. I had developed a story that I should see the potential for everything and not to reject anything that arrived at my doorstep so to speak.

I recognise that this story had developed because for many years prior to me taking on this story I was the opposite and I was too quick to reject things. I was lectured by people not to be this way and encouraged to give people more chances before I dismissed them or otherwise I would be alone. That is what people told me and at that time I did not want to be alone. I did not want to be alone with myself. I wanted the distraction of having people around me so that I had people to point my finger at when things went wrong. I was not ready to take responsibility for my own life.

I too quickly swung the other way and allowed people to take advantage of me more often than I'd like to admit. Time after time I re-opened the door to people who repeatedly mistreated me. I could then play the victim and blame others for not being able to live the life I wanted.

Of course it was always just me holding myself back! But we need to walk the path to come to that realisation.

We do this a lot! We swing from one extreme to the other trying to find a way that causes the least amount of suffering. We listen to others and take their advice because we have lost that connection to our own internal navigation system that works for our greater good. We lose trust in our own ability to know what is best for ourselves.

There will always be many things that are drawn to us for one reason or another. We will receive things for as long as we continue to live. We will continue to receive and take from others. We will also continue to give. Life is just that, it is an exchange of energy. Life force is all around and within us and is ever flowing. As much as you take you will be required to give back. It's just how the universe works.

There is a karmic balance that you will always receive as much as you give. Sometimes we are just blocked to the amount of energy we take from the universe and therefore feel like we are getting a bad deal in terms of what we receive back. When you start becoming more aware of your actions you will see more clearly the balance between giving and receiving.

As soon as I made the connection that I do not have to continue to accept everything that comes my way and that it is okay to sever connections that is when I started to live more authentically.

For me the treasure lies in being aware of the energy that comes into my life and recognising if it is something that I want or need. If it is not I practice saying no, thank you. May you have the courage to do the same.

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