Is it enough?

We hear the phrase be here now, be present. We are told it by some as being the way to reach enlightenment, to be at peace. The issue for me is that to be told what is right by another will never be what is right for all. I do not believe that another person or group of people can tell you what is right for you. I believe what is right for you comes from self discovery.

I have studied many different paths and had many different experiences. One thing for sure I've felt is that there is no permanent state of being. There is no way of holding on to a feeling that lasts forever and that in itself is the clue to life and a gift. Yet some people try to sell this idea of needing to be healed to reach a state of being or to get over something to feel lighter etc..

To suggest that we need to let go of something implies to carry it around is wrong. Then it becomes so that it is not the luggage that is the problem but that we were told that we should not carry it. We are taught the carrying is the problem and not the luggage itself or in some cases that both are the issue. It is implied by some that the luggage should be put down and when it's difficult to do so we feel like we are not doing the right thing and this is what causes the suffering and not the luggage or the carrying of the luggage.

There are so many ideas of what we should work towards to reach a state of fulfilment, to be complete but the whole concept of these ideas just sets humanity up for reinforcing the story that we are not enough as we are now. It sets humanity up for the need to fix something.

There is always this idea of goal setting and working towards something to feel a sense of satisfaction. It starts from school age when each year we progress to the next level. It starts from when we are given tests and gradings and development milestones to obtain.

This will be my last post for 2020 and I wanted to make it short so I will end by saying how you feel now is right. Feel what you feel with certainty that you are meant to be feeling it and that it will pass on its own and be replaced with another feeling. That is living and living for me is enough.

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