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Be cautious of the words, 'follow me'.

A perfect human, with all the right answers, having it all figured out, qualified to teach what is the best way for the whole of humanity, 24 hours, 7 days a week, does not exist from my own experience.

I believe we all have greatness within us and we behave in a way that some may describe as ideal, at times. I believe that we all have the potential to offer great advice, at times. I believe that we can all be a good influence by setting good examples how to live, at times. The point I'm trying to make here is the 'at times' after each statement. Meaning, that we are never consistently doing these things all the time but that we do on occasions, sometimes do these things.

Simply, I believe that everyone should have their moment/ moments in the spotlight to be heard and that privilege shouldn't be restricted to certain people only. History is taught in schools as being facts, similar to the fact that 1 + 1 = 2, which is wrong in my opinion. I see the re-telling of history for what it is, a story, for which there are many. Many of the stories have not been written and many have been written to embellish certain things or take away certain things which is natural because just like any good book the objective is to keep a captive audience and often audiences like to be provoked to feel something.

It should go without saying but I feel it needs to be said more often that one history book will never be able to communicate an event correctly according to how every different person experienced it at the time. Just because certain people speak the loudest as to what occurred at a point in time does not mean those speakers are correct. Certain history books are portraying certain events with a tunnel vision approach and passing it off to people as the only story that should be heard and believed. Sharing an account of history is entirely personal depending on the story teller. You only have to ask a couple to share a story about their life together to understand how different a story people can tell, although they've lived in the same environment together. When two people tell two different accounts of history does that mean that one is wrong? No, I don't think it does but at the same time I do not feel that one should be portrayed as being the only version of what happened.

I believe that everyone can contribute knowledge and experience to facilitate human evolution. Therefore, what I do not believe is that there can be just one way to live. That there is just one teacher for all. I do not believe that anyone can exhibit the behaviour of what is considered a perfect human or even close to the notion of that idea, every single moment of every single day. I do not believe that a single human being will ever know what is best for every other human.

I do not believe that there should be a goal to find one single person who has all the answers for us. I do not believe that we should seek one single organisation to tell a country of individuals what is best for those individuals. I do not see a beneficial outcome in wanting to place all of ones hopes and dreams on one single person alone or one organisation alone.

One only has to look at nature to understand seasons and cycles and the benefits of being able to transition through different versions of the human form. The benefits to being exposed to different climates. Meaning that it is not good to just stay stuck in one season or cycle but rather that evolution occurs when we become different versions of ourselves by trying new ways and listening to different perspectives. We evolve as part of growing and growing naturally takes us out of our comfort zones, away from the familiar, away from the same way we've always done things.

One only has to look at the world around us to understand that there is a great advantage to being part of a community and having access to a rich and diverse pool of thought. We do not all have to agree to get along. We can respect and love each other yet have differing beliefs, despite all of the propaganda.

In my experience, we will always be our own best guide, our own best guru. I have felt a sense of empowerment flowing within as a direct consequence of listening to my own internal navigation system.

Everyone is on a unique journey. One size definitely does not fit all, in my opinion. Your size fits you and mine fits me. Sure, at times we can be a close fit to someone else, a very close fit but the exact fit we require is best when tailor made for our own individual expression. Every single person is an individual and together we are part of the whole.

Don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting that we will always have the answers we need for ourselves. We get the education that we require. We ask questions and we learn from others. We become open and receptive to hearing different points of view and we take that nourishment, like plants take fertiliser, to enrich our own lives. We should take the learning, digest it and calibrate it to what works best for us.

To reach our own understanding of what works best in our own life is important rather than placing all of our trust in another. It is through trial and error that we evolve. We experiment and discover the ways that don't work to get to the realisation of what does.

Notice the need to find the perfect partner, friend, boss, mentor, teacher, guru, leader, etc... We are so desperate at times to find the perfectionism in the world around us. Then when others are seen to fall from grace, when we see that others get it wrong, we are so quick to judge and criticize in an effort to make ourselves feel more superior to over compensate for feelings of inadequacy.

There is this need perhaps to be the perfect person and to see perfection in the world because we are trying to avoid the 'wrongness' we feel within us. Perhaps it is that sense of wrongness that we believe led in the past and continues to lead to all the suffering around us. Perhaps we still feel like we did as a child, that everything is our fault when things go wrong and so we desperately try to over compensate and shift the attention away from ourselves.

Do we try to be perfect and only accept what we consider to be perfect as a way of avoiding the shame that we feel for being what we see is flawed, wrong, incomplete, broken, inadequate, bad? What if we were able to hold all of the stuff that we feel and show compassion rather than think the goal is to be perfect? Perhaps take a moment to consider how that may feel to simple start working towards liking yourself as you are rather than trying to be something you were never meant to be.

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