Expectations ...

We all have them, expectations. Have you noticed how they hugely affect your day?

We set them low and sometimes find ourselves pleasantly surprised. Set them high and often find disappointment.

So is there a right thing to do? If you know me well you'll know my answer to that question is a loud resounding NO! ;-)

It is my view that there is not a right thing to do with regards to setting your expectations other than to simply notice them and how they affect you.

If you haven't already noticed you are not always going to get what you want. For instance, you may want to live a long life and do things to prolong it but how do I break this to you... ummm... you have no control as to when you will die. Sorry to be a kill joy.

You could violently stab yourself through the heart multiple times and survive. In contrast, you could gracefully slip on a beautiful feather on your way to seeing your beloved, bump your head and die. You see there are greater forces at play other than your wants and needs in any given moment.

If your expectation is that you will live a long life you will likely feel a strong reaction when something or someone looks to prevent that from happening. Another person may be looking for a very intense, full life but not focused on the length. If someone or something prevents that person from doing what they want to do each day to feel intensely and fully that person will also likely be p*ssed!

We all have expectations. Expectations are not the issue but like many things the issue becomes our reaction to when our expectations are not met and not the expectation itself.

My advice? Get over it... or don't! ;-) You have always had free will. You have the ability to shape your life in the way you want by deciding how you will respond to the things that happen to you.

If your expectations are not met, realise that the ball is fully in your court as to the next move you make.

Take your power back!. A little reminder that you are driving 'this', whatever this is! Sometimes you need to steer left when you want to turn right and you end up along a different road but how you drive along that alternative route is up to you!

M x

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