Different but same

We all like to give ourselves a label it seems. Most of us like to identify with anything but the word Human. We create support groups and organisations for certain 'types' of people. We divide, we separate, we create a bubble in the attempt to protect the people within that bubble when in reality it creates disharmony.

The message that is communicated is that the people within that bubble should be treated

equally and the same as everyone else yet in doing so boundaries are created. By implying that they should be treated equally is to suggest that they were not equal in the first place when that is not the truth. In doing so you (you as in whoever creates the divide) imply that the people within that bubble are different than you and need your help when those people never asked for your help in the first place. You arrogantly reinforce the idea that those people are less fortunate, less able, more wounded, weaker than the category of human with whom you identify. It also makes it more difficult for people to feel connected to people outside of the bubble assigned to them.

There is one thing that a homeless person, wealthy person, man, woman, gay person, straight person, bi person, poly person, black person, white person, college educated person, school drop out person, religious person, non-religious person, spiritual person, young person, old person all have in common. That is that they are all part of the Human race. They are all Human Beings.

We are all part of the same thing. Why try to create separate categories for then there to be some sort of judgement in terms of where each category of person should sit? I'll tell you why because it serves the people who like to control others. It serves the people who like to tell you what you are and where you belong. It reinforces the idea that some categories of people should be feared and should be ridiculed and should take on the mistakes of previous generations who also belonged to that category or person. Separation is created by people who feel disconnected.

I am here to tell you that you belong in this universe, the entire universe. There is no part of this universe that you should not walk. There is no place that you should not be heard. You are equal amongst every other living thing that you can see and feel and hear and touch. You are part of the universe and you are a part of Humanity. Your choices, your preferences, how you look are not things that determine your worth or where you belong. That is not the universal truth but a story you keep listening to and have taken on to be the truth. It is not the truth.

Every single person does good at times. Every single person does wrong at times. Regardless of what category of Human you identify with either you or someone within your category would have done wrong or will do wrong at some point or another. You see because the whole concept designed to say what is right or wrong is entirely judgemental. So what you think is right will never be the same as the view taken by all. Often what is described as right or wrong is based on how the behaviour makes another feel and if we feel a way that we do not like then we say it is wrong when really we don't like the way the behaviour makes us feel.

We were conditioned from a very young age to believe that feeling sad or angry is wrong and feeling happy is right. Therefore for example when we feel sad there is an element of shame attached. Rather than sitting with the sadness and allowing it to move through us it turns into something else because we stack negativity on top of the sadness. The resistance causes greater suffering. Most things that cause us to feel unhappy are put in the wrong bucket inaccurately because of mis-informed people not understanding e-motion (energy in motion).

You were built to feel all emotions equally. Problems have arisen because you try to deny, block, reject, hide, rebound, react to some emotions more than others. You judge emotion just like you judge people when in reality it is all the same stuff. Have you considered how your life would be different if you didn't feel like you needed to change your mindset? How different would you feel if you didn't instinctively want to blame others for how you felt? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you stopped feeling like you shouldn't feel?

If you were to practice allowing yourself to feel everything without judgement you wouldn't feel so much like a pressure cooker unable to release it until it takes over. The problems arise with the gripping and holding on. The problems arise with trying to fight nature rather than moving in partnership and collaboration.

We are Human. We make mistakes. How can we move forward together? By seeing each other as part of the same family. By learning to embrace who we are as Humans, the good and the bad. By learning to love ourselves so that we can learn to love others. It starts within us. We will only see others as completely as we see ourselves. We will only trust each other as much as we trust ourselves. We will only see others potential when we fully embrace our own.

How do you behave when no-one is looking? How well do you take care of you? Start there! Start by taking care of yourself so that you trust that others are taking care of themselves too. As we learn to better take care of ourselves we will learn to better take care of the environment around us and all that is within it.

M x

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