Censorship ...

When you ask a question on the internet how open minded do you think your response is going to be? Have you ever really stopped to ask the question who is actually replying? And if you're aware of who is responding have you thought about what part of the person replying are they tapping into to give you their response?

What do I mean by this?

So, when we speak either verbally or write down thoughts on a page we talk from different parts of ourselves. We can talk from what we were taught at school, from our parents, from our community, from books, from what we read in newspapers OR we can talk from a place that's much deeper than all of that. We can connect with a greater intelligence that is, always was and always will be. We can connect with a greater intelligence that is not censored in any way at all.

I still hear you ask, what do you mean by this ;-)

Let me try to break it down further.

When you sit still on your own have you noticed what happens? Why don't you try it now? Just sit still and observe.


Keep sitting still.

Keep waiting.


What have you noticed?

Have you noticed the thoughts?

Keep watching the thoughts. That's it. Pay attention to your thoughts but try not to judge them. Try not to hold your breath. Sit as an observer as if you're in a stadium at a sporting event just watching the game. The game symbolising your thoughts. The longer you watch the more interesting it will become.

If you continue to make it a practice to observe yourself, your thoughts and your body you will turn less and less to other people and things such as the internet to ask important life questions.

With love x


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